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How to Make Head Scarves for Cancer Victims

How to Make Head Scarves for Cancer VictimsthumbnailCancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatment often experience partial or complete hair loss. Head scarves offer a practical solution to this predicament. They are pieces of fabric that cover most of an individual’s head and allow cancer patients to mask the effects of treatment while staying fashionable. There are many styles available including bandanas, pashmina scarves, berets, flat caps and snoods. A homemade snood is simple, stylish, gender neutral and can be dressed up to fit any occasion.


The Basics

Review various patterns before choosing one that would most appeal to the recipient. If this is your first attempt at creating a head scarf, start off with a simple pattern, such as the snood.




Purchase the fabric to use for creating the head scarf. You can be as elaborate with this as you like, choosing a simple cotton material or opting for a more luxurious silk fabric. Think about the person for whom you’re making the scarf, and her fashion sense and personality when you select the fabric. Also, take into consideration where the head scarf will be worn.



Organize all of your materials so you have everything in place before you start the project.





Snood Pattern

Print out all the pieces for the snood pattern (five in total), making sure they are the correct width and length. You may need to make size adjustments, which can be done manually or at your local print shop. The pieces are separated into piece 1, piece 2, piece A and piece B as well as a front band piece. Piece 1 and piece A make one side of the back while piece 2 and piece B make the other side of the back.



Place the fabric on the paper and securely pin the two together. Make sure you lay all the pieces on the same piece of fabric to ensure you have enough material. Once you have pinned the fabric to the paper, cut along the pattern edges of the paper making sure not to stretch the fabric as you go along.




Sew the two back pieces together, following the dotted lines of the original pattern. Make sure the pieces of fabric are facing right side together. Pull on the thread string lightly to gather the fabric around the curve. Turn this inside out to form the back of the snood.




Fold the front band over, making sure it is right side out before stitching it to the raw edge of the back piece. The end edges of the band should meet at the back seam by the nape of the neck. Fold the edges together and sew the band to the back. The snood is now complete.





Consider the recipient and the type of embellishments he would like on the snood.





Collect decorative pieces such as rhinestones, rosettes or metal studs.





Stitch, hot glue or staple the embellishments to the snood. If you are attaching a fabric piece to pashmina scarves, such as a rosette, you can easier take a needle and thread and stitch this on the side of the snood. For solid items such as rhinestones and other studs, you may be able to hot glue or staple them to the snood.

Connect a Knitted Scarf to Make an Infinity Scarf

An infinity pashmina scarf is a type of looped scarf that appears to have no start and no end. It’s a trendy accessory that you can wear to look sophisticated. If you have a traditional knit scarf on hand, consider customizing it with a simple sewing technique. Making an infinity scarf in this way will cut costs over purchasing one from an accessory shop, where infinity scarves can be expensive.How to Connect a Knitted Scarf to Make an Infinity Scarf thumbnail

1. Thread a needle with about 1 foot of thread. Choose a thread in a color that matches the infinity scarf you’re working with.

2. Arrange the scarf on a table, placing it in a circle shape with the two ends touching each other.

3. Sew the ends together using a stitch that goes through one end of the scarf, and cross over to the other side and repeat. Tie off the end of the thread when finished and trim away excess thread.

4. Hold the looped scarf in front of you, twisting it at the middle to make a figure eight. Fold one side of the figure eight on top of the other half so the scarf is now a circle again made of two layers of scarf.

5. Pull the infinity pashmina scarf over your head, and arrange it on your neck to wear. The knit fabric will stretch to accommodate your head.