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Wholesale Scarves From Yiwu, we have a scarves factory in China Yiwu,we service wholesaler, distributor, dealer worldwide.

2015 Fashion Scarves Online

In this wonderful year of 2015, we HKSCARF is trying our best to provide all kinds different trendy scarves in this year for customers from all around the world. Now this is a very good chance to make your scarf business flourish with our products and service.

Our products are growing season after season, any kinds scarves you want are always on our website. With liable raw material supplier and  professional scarf manufacturer we are able to your large quantity orders in very short term, also custom scarves with logos and info is what we good at. Meanwhile the quality is the soul of our scarves business.

Scarves like pashmina scarf, pendant scarf, polyester scarf, silk scarf and so on are very hot sale on our website, the designs are coming from the most popular scarves brands in this year.

Appropriate Way to Choose Scarf

When you are go to a jewelry scarves wholesale shopping store to buy a scarf you like, the most important rule you should know is how well they can look on your face. Since the scarf you want to buy is the one must make you feel very comfortable, most of us will have a try on the ones we are interested in to make sure which scarf will be looks perfect with us.

Most of our scarves  are coming from secondary world or the third world, the material and production cost is very low. Most companies in developed countries design the styles and those countries to supply scarves. People love to wear scarves for so many years, and there are many different function scarves, so nowadays scarves become more and more professional on some aspects. What you should know before step into the scarf store? First of all you should realized that personal shape and hue so that you are able to set up which shape and scarf color will suitable for you most. Buying the appropriate scarf for your shape of face can be extremely simple.

There is no doubt that the scarf business is always staying power in the world, since it appeared it is developing all the time and give people from different areas exactly what their demand. The scarf started from religion ideas . Many ears later scarf has changed and make useful for other people.

Scarves are developing with multiple functions in the numerous years of changing. Donned by A-list models in Vegas and Hollywood -superstars whose every single approach was checked out and copied everywhere in the country- scarves became a trend item. Individuals were super quick to fit the rising craze for first time designs that they promoted to girls essentially. One can find fundamental face shapes. Any time it is possible to completely understand which pattern the face is categorized under, you can be a pace nearer to identifying your ideal scarves. The seven face styles are: base-down triangle shaped, base-up triangle shaped, diamond shaped, round shaped, square shaped, oval shaped and rectangular shaped. Furthermore, an effective sale person will help you any time selecting the ideal scarves.

Scarves with pendants went on to produce unique designs and styles in the 1970′s and 1980′s. The fresh model was definitely a precursor to the very new scarves of at present. While in the age of United States TV cop programs, like Star-sky & Hutch, and Chips, the scarves once very popular in the 1940′s, started to come back. There is something about scarves that renders them perhaps by far the most perfect must-have pieces of all time. They are not only hugely sensible, they are an extremely functional trend addition, for sale in an enormous collection of types, tones and selling prices to match every budget.

Belly Scarf with Pendant

Belly dance is very popular in India, and now is becoming very popular among the world. Are you intending to have a try while you are watching the belly dance performance. When it comes to the benefit of belly dance, almost every people will speak of weight reduction. That’s absolutely right, cause the dancers in belly dancing must move every muscle group of their bodies. Firstly, the dance begin with slowly beat music, and then it goes to climax before the final part. In case of this, the dancers must be quite energetic and smart. Now the belly scarf is on wholesale pendant scarves website.

As we all know, belly dancing is so attractive, the dance for not only ladies, but also the gentlemen. However, it becomes more popular among females, especially in western countries. The dance give the entire opportunity to express their muscle movements. What’s more, the most important reason why belly dance coin scarf so popular among ladies, is that belly dance helps to improve the feminine sensuality. However, the dance is much more attractive when the mature women performed.

Belly Dance is continuing to grow popular in the Australia, Europe, and United Kingdom. The European women are usually making therapeutic using of belly dance. Since belly dance need a great number of muscle energy, many of the traditional western women method belly dancing for regular exercising, lose weight and shape up their body.

Regardless of whether you’re fresh to dancing, or perhaps really are a experienced dancer. There are lots of mistakes created with Belly Dancing Skirts. Even though many teachers can certainly ensure their own students learn how to correctly put on their own costumes. Some may not, leaving you to think about the way the fabric is usually supposed to sit.

Normally the one piece which gives dancers the most difficult may be the belt, which ought to be put on around the dancer’s sides. It’s quite common for dancers to put them on around their own waist, but it really may hinder the overall performance regarding belly rolls and also other movements. Keep in mind, read almost any guidelines that are included in your own costumes. Although it will not offer instructions, just use good sense.

If you cannot move in this outfit, this still might not work for belly dance. Steer clear of any kind of extremely cheap outfit, while they routinely have the quality of Halloween outfits and are also intended for light use only. On the other hand, it ought to be a great investment in high quality just like any other post regarding belly dance apparel.

From the bra and belt units, Belied dress units, full-blown dance outfits, Kialegee gowns or even Thebes, Saiidi Gowns, Dresses, Hip Skarves, Skirt and Veil sets, and also components. They all are offered at belly dance specialized stores such as this one.

The most important reason why belly dance coin scarf so popular among ladies, is that belly dance helps to improve the feminine sensuality and the belly scarf is kind of charm scarf which is very beautiful. However, the dance is much more attractive when the mature women performed.

Pendants for Scarf

When we speaking of Jewelry Scarves or Pendant Scarves, the first image in our mind is the pendants.

Below are some type of pendants for your scarves when you choose a pendant scarves:

The pendants always based on different shapes: floral shaped, animal shaped & others.

Elephant shaped pendant always means a good luck for you and the people around.


Peacock  shaped pendant for scarves will show your great personality and elegance.

Floral shaped pendant for scarves will show your great idea for fashion.


Ladies Scarf with Pendant

So many types of scarves in the markets, too many scarves shops. How could you get a wonderful scarves that you choose it yourself, or followed your desire.

So many scarves that you do not know how and what to choose from. Below is our newly jewelry scarves with pendant!!! What I want emphases is the beautiful pendant!

This pendant with three small heart shape and a main heart shape to show your elegance. Also with its colorful diamonds shinning you will be hot.



Scarves For The Coming Season

Autumn is around the corner, for most of fashion guys and girl, how to choose a right scarf for the coming season become a issue. As a  Canada scarves wholesaler below is our suggestions on the coming fashion scarves:

1. Even it’s Autumn, the weather is a little bit hot/warm at first, our suggestion on this time is the Painting Designs Polyester Scarf.

This scarf is soft and light for Autumn, it will keep you comfortable. Also with its polyester material, it will be durable. Of course you can see its beautiful design of printing, you will be the attraction at this season.

Different Scarves Jewelry Scarves

Jewelry scarves or Pendant scarves as a brand new style of scarves in front of us in recently years. Why jewelry scarves could be so hot in recently?

1. Different Fabric: different fabrics such as silk, polyester, pashmina, cotton, viscose etc.

2. Millions of  Pendants: different materials, different shape, different styles….

3. Millions of Matches to show you personality, your style, your ideas and your beautiful.

Below is the most popular pendant scarves we are selling:

This hot pendant scarf made of two colors scarves and heart shape pendant with 32 pieces pearls. This is to show you elegance and personality. Two colors fabric with special designed pendant. I am loving it!

Discount Infinity Scarf

Today, we will recommend a special scarf: It will offer you a discount in 13%. This is our 2013 New Style Infinity Scarf wholesale USA.


This discount infinity scarf made of cotton, with 8 different solid colors, great for almost occasions in Autumn and winter.

With its heavy and thick material, it’s awesome for out door events. With 8 different colors it suits everyone .

The reason why we recommend this type of scarf not only the discount(save 13%) but also suit for the coming season and another type of wearing.

Different colors for your choose:

Sports scarf

Recently, Kobe Bryant visit A C Milan for some Merchandise Occasion. Kobe show his great love and favor for AC Milan.

When Kobe was young, his parents brought him to Italy and he become one of fans for AC Milan. During his cover, he told journalists that he even have a Milan Scarf in his Changing Room in Las Angeles.

Let us guess what kind of sport scarf or Soccer scarf Kobe having in his Changing Room. Below is some of my guess:

1: Canada Sports Scarves Cheap


2: Cheap Sports Scarves On Sale


3. Custom LOGO Sports Scarves

2013 newest silk wraps and scarves

Kind of tired with your old scarves? Kind of tired with so many other having a same scarf? Why not pick a newly most fashionable scarf that will attract everyone’s attention when you having it!

HKScarf a big scarves wholesale from HongKong which offer you all kinds of different scarves such as Silk Scarves, Pashmina Scarves, Chiffon Scarves, Polyester Scarves, Viscose Scarves and fashion Pendant Scarves.

Below is the 2013 Newly Silk Wrap and Scarf that we will Recommend.

With its soft material that will cater for almost everyone in both Summer & Winter.