Ways to tie scarf

How To Style Your Scarf With Celebrity Knot

Tying scarves for women is easier than it seems, besides other attractive scarf tying methods are not hard to learn. I certainly have designed this step by step celebrity knot scarf tying guide, offering the best known and one of the most popular styles when wearing a scarf.

It is universally acknowledged that scarves are indispensable accessories. For a romantic rendezvous, to a business meeting or simply for a lunch with your best friends, scarves are unfailingly here for you. Scarves should be worn in a fashion that compliments you, your style, and the scarf itself. Scarves are one of the best accessories you can find and are a superb way to spice up your look. Scarves at scarf hub with a bright print can lift even the mere outfit and brighten your day.

Follow these steps to make a Celebrity Loop: 1. Drape scarf over shoulder, with one end significantly longer than the other end.
2. Loop the longer end around your neck three times in the same direction. 3. Fit the end when you loop through the third loop so that it’s dangling down underneath the loop. 4. Fit the non-looped end over and into the third loop.

Scarves are not going to be just a fad. The hottest accessory for the past many seasons is going to continue forward. Scarf hub offers a style range of scarves for everyone; men, women, all ages, shape, and sizes. Finding the right cheap wholesale scarf isn’t the only dilemma, learning how to tie it and wear it is even more important.

How to Hang a Sheer Scarf Swag

Swag for scarves refers to a decorative form of window treatment that offers little to no privacy and protection from the sun. Swag is a purely ornamental type of fabric that can instantly transform a room by adding a splash of color and a graceful draping of scarf. Because swag is so easy to use and has such a flexible design, it can consist of any type of fabric on scarves. Heavier fabric, like velvet, will give the swag a more regal effect, whereas lighter, more sheer material will give the swag an airier, more romantic appearance. Hanging a swag pashmina scarf is refreshingly simple and attractive.

Instructions Twist

1. Stand on a step stool directly in front of the window, holding the swag in one hand. Throw one end of the swag over one end of the curtain rod.

2. Wrap the other end of the swag around the remaining length of the curtain rod, twisting it so that the swag creates a spiral shape.

3.  Adjust how loose or tight you want the coils of the spiral to be. Adjust the dangling ends of the swag: They can be the same length for a more classic look or different lengths for a more contemporary look.

Smile Shape

4. Climb on your step stool and throw one end of the swag over one end of the curtain rod. Throw the other end of the swag over the opposite end of the curtain rod. This will create a deep “smile” shape hanging from the curtain rod with two vertical pieces of sheer scarf hanging on either side.

5. Pull on the two pieces of hanging swag to make the center “smile” shape less deep. You determine how pronounced or subtle you want the draped center piece to look. Adjust the vertical hanging pieces so that they are either the same length or different lengths.

6. Center the swag or adjust it so that it is deliberately off-center. A centered “smile” shape is more traditional; an off-center one looks best with vertical hanging pieces of swag that are different lengths.

Scarves with swags will make them looks very gorgeous, for ladies you can wear them for almost all the occasions you participated in. Now the fall season is coming soon, choose a designer swag pashmina scarves for your own.


Designer Men Scarves In Different Knots

Wearing designer scarves is not only a woman’s prerogative. Men can look absolutely dapper with scarves in masculine prints and fabrics, tied stylishly to present their style. Scarves for men are one of those fine essentials which accessorize your clothes, making you look trendy. Fashion scarves can be worn in many ways to give you a different look each time. Actually, the versatility of the men’s scarf will surprise you! And also here are some trendy methods to wear your scarf.

1. Ascot Knot or Loose Tie. This knot is perfect if you’re planning to wear an open jacket. Let the scarf fall on the back of your neck while keeping equal length on both sides. Make end A pass under other end B. Bring A upwards and make a knot. Both the ends must be adjusted facing downwards equally.

2. The Twice-Around Ascot. This knot is for longer Italian scarves. Fold your great scarf according to the basic fold 1 and hang around your neck equally on each side. Make end A pass from under B. Now bring A towards the front portion. Once again, let A pass through B, forming a knot. Make sure you adjust both sides facing forward.

3. The Fake Knot. Just like basic knot, fold your scarf. It should drop down your neck equally on each side. Make a knot on end (A). Let other side B pass through A to form a knot. Finally tighten this knot.

4. The Classic Drape. You can also drape scarves for men around the neck and tuck them into your coat. They should cover the chest where it is left exposed by the coat’s neckline.

5. The European Loop (or Slip Knot). This one is best for a short jacket for an edgy look. Designer scarves can be tucked into short jackets and then zipped up. Fold the scarf according to the basic knot and then fold it again to form a hoop. Let it dangle around your neck with the hoop on one side of the shoulder. Let end A pass through the hoop to make a European loop. Now tighten the loop.

6. The Toss. In this knot, the full length of the scarf hangs around your neck. One side hangs down about one foot more than the other one. Now let the long end cross over your neck, tossing it behind you over the opposite shoulder.

7. The Twice-Around. This knot goes well with casual outfits, i.e. a simple solid jacket with jeans. Keep the scarf around your neck in a way that the two ends are on your back. Now cross the ends at the back of your neck and bring them around towards your front.

8. The Neck Tie. A lightweight scarf keeps this kind of knot. This knot is just like a regular necktie knot. Tie your men scarf as you would do in the case of a necktie.