Sporting Scarf

Football Scarves From The Terraces to The Streets

The humble scarf has been with us for thousands of years, but it took the peculiar sensibilities of the British to create the football scarf. Although no one can entirely agree on its origins, they can agree the first football scarves were worn in the early 1900s, and they seem set to be with us for many years to come. They may be a uniquely British invention, but as an instant banner for displaying the wearer’s sporting loyalties to all, they have spread around the world. It’s a rare sporting event now that does not feature something with at least a little touch of the style of the traditional football scarf on display in the crowd watching.

For those new to our shores, the bright colours, emblems and patterns that adorn these items of clothing at the weekend seem to be a sharp contrast to the more restrained palettes that often dominate the working day. Football scarves make a statement to the world that, with some colour schemes, seem designed to be loud, standing out as much as a shout in a Trappist monastery.

The appeal of football scarves lies in their versatility and convenience of course. Someone can go to work, dressed soberly for work in suit and tie, before heading out to see a mid-week game with his team’s scarf proudly on display. It’s as effective sign of belonging to the tribe when they walk into a pub as the guy who wanders in wearing a full replica kit, with the added bonus of allowing a return to anonymity on the way home if the match is lost.

Just as crucially, the scarf can be worn casually in cold weather like any other – tucked and folded discretely but ready to be flashed in conversation or friendly rivalry.

Unlike other items of clothing associated with football fandom, the manufacture of scarves is not so regulated – having essentially grown from home-made expressions of support. Traditionally they have been rough affairs, made from acrylics or scratchy wool. Their message was often more important than their use against the cold, but legions of grannies knitting at home could not be denied. Recently, however, the market has opened up to include a touch of luxury. You can now get sport beach scarves woven in your team’s colors from the finest cashmere should you so choose. The tradition of one-up man ship among fans would seem to have just been taken to a whole new level.


Sport Scarf

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