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Cheap Viscose Scarves Wholesale

It’s August, hope every one have good days for this month. In August we have some scarves for discount for our old clients. Just take the long story short. Let get in the point of our HK scarves discount SCARVES.

Cheap Viscose Scarves Wholesale:

This soft and smooth scarves made of viscose, with its spot imprint to show your personality and youth activity.

The price for this scarf is $2.7, during August discount sale, the sale pricing will be down 13% into $2.35.

It’s a great for your guy to have it now….

Also, if some of you need large quantity with your own design that would be available…



Scarves For The Coming Season

Autumn is around the corner, for most of fashion guys and girl, how to choose a right scarf for the coming season become a issue. As a  Canada scarves wholesaler below is our suggestions on the coming fashion scarves:

1. Even it’s Autumn, the weather is a little bit hot/warm at first, our suggestion on this time is the Painting Designs Polyester Scarf.

This scarf is soft and light for Autumn, it will keep you comfortable. Also with its polyester material, it will be durable. Of course you can see its beautiful design of printing, you will be the attraction at this season.

Different Scarves Jewelry Scarves

Jewelry scarves or Pendant scarves as a brand new style of scarves in front of us in recently years. Why jewelry scarves could be so hot in recently?

1. Different Fabric: different fabrics such as silk, polyester, pashmina, cotton, viscose etc.

2. Millions of  Pendants: different materials, different shape, different styles….

3. Millions of Matches to show you personality, your style, your ideas and your beautiful.

Below is the most popular pendant scarves we are selling:

This hot pendant scarf made of two colors scarves and heart shape pendant with 32 pieces pearls. This is to show you elegance and personality. Two colors fabric with special designed pendant. I am loving it!

Top 6 scarves for every ladies

Every ladies should have their own style, have their own fashion. Fashion will be changed every by year or by season. Accessories as a big part of fashion for you, while scarves play vital part for scarves, I can tell with the scarves whole date.  So choosing a fashion scarves with good quality will be a great hope every lady, of course if you could buy a fashion scarves with great quality in a cheap price that will be awesome. Below is the top 6 styles of scarves  I will share with you today!

1. Silk Scarves: the most soft scarves for this season with great elegant!


2. Pashmina Scarves I am loving it:


3. Polyester Scarves your fashion accessory for this season.


4.Cotton Scarves the most environmental material and comfortable for you.


5. Chiffon Scarves: chiffon scarf with new trend and fashion styles.

6. Jewelry Scarves: the most popular scarves with pendant. All kinds of penadnts for your options.





















Wholesale First Lady Peng Liyuan Scarves

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When Xi Jinping arrives for the Brics summit in South Africa on Tuesday, chances are that all eyes in his home country will be on the woman at his side.

peng style scarves

Peng Liyuan, China’s new first lady, was the talk of Chinese social media at the weekend during a trip to South Africa, ”First Lady” dress with greatly community praise, 16 models dressed in the entire travel process, Peng Liyuan half are with scarves appearance,  ”First Lady”fashion with skill.

We known that Peng Liyuan is a scarf control. Based on jackets, handbags are repeated with only each scarf is the first time we met, and the colors are dazzling and bright. In this 16 dress, 8 sets are scarf, and every time with fashion with the skill does not generally reflect Peng Liyuan.

This black corduroy sleeve dress,  by hit-color retro embroidered long scarf, instantaneous dissemination of elegance.

wholesale scarves pengliyuan

Three black and white red hue looks very coordinated and collision of color so that she is full of fashionable sense.

yellow scarves

Add a light green scarf, black suits became more lively and attractive.