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Nowadays most of us, both male and female are very self-conscious about the way we look. It is safe to say we are defiantly more fashion conscious than we were 50 years ago and on average we definitely want to make a statement with the outfits we choose to wear. Women who love fashion tend to love accessories too. This is because it is quite simple to accessorise plain outfits and it doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can literally add one item to your whole outfit and it can change it from a dull, boring look to a vibrant stunning outfit that really makes a statement. You can do this with buying a luxurious cotton scarf. Scarves are so practical in that they can provide extra comfort and warmth on those colder days, but they can add elegance and colour to an outfit that would otherwise be quite plain. You can get a cotton scarf in a wide variety of patterns, unique colourful patterns and colours too. Accessories also make fantastic presents for friends and family, ranging from pashminas and silk shawls you really can impress with a unique design. You don’t have to trawl the high street for hours to find your perfect cotton scarf either. You can literally browse a fantastic range from the comfort of your own home and you can decide what colour or patterns might be best for you.

Many of us are also becoming more eco conscious and more aware of what we buy and where it might be from. That’s why finding a cotton scarf that is uniquely handmade within a fair trade environment is great for those of us who really like to know where our money goes, and that no one is being exploited in the process. This is where such shawls and scarves can really make a difference and with fantastic soft, luxury materials and unique, magnificent designs you really can make a difference and your cotton scarf can become a talking point amongst your friends. Most women love to look and feel glamorous and in order to do that you must find the very best materials and designs. Choosing a cotton scarf is a great way to modify your selection of outfits and to be comfortable and practical at the same time. You can simply pop on your silk shawl or cotton scarf before you leave the house and you can feel confident walking down the street with your new, elegant accessory. Handmade varieties are the best, given the uniqueness of the designs.

New Trend Pattern silk Pashmina Scarf

Fashion new trend pattern silk pashmina scarf with cool design for scarves wholesale. It’s our newly designed and very soft and light for our clients. Of course it’s the best seller in our shop.

As the rapid development of scarves fashion, more and more ladies and gentlemen having a scarf in Summer as a accessory. With our cool designs and good quality, it’s real cool in summer.

With this cool scarves in summer or autumn, you will be the center of the crowded.


Discount Infinity Scarf

Today, we will recommend a special scarf: It will offer you a discount in 13%. This is our 2013 New Style Infinity Scarf wholesale USA.


This discount infinity scarf made of cotton, with 8 different solid colors, great for almost occasions in Autumn and winter.

With its heavy and thick material, it’s awesome for out door events. With 8 different colors it suits everyone .

The reason why we recommend this type of scarf not only the discount(save 13%) but also suit for the coming season and another type of wearing.

Different colors for your choose:

Mens Scarf

For a long time, the in the mind the ideal lover should be to have a scarf, or dark blue color is best soot, on behalf of the composed with inside collect; Cloth is best Scotland 

in tomato of baa, even in the hand, the soft can also through the skin, drill into the in the mind.
Tips1. Short and fat, especially the upper body burly men, appropriate chooses figure purity, color is deeper, tonal single loose knit scarf or silk scarf, because the dark have 

narrowed visual perception plays a role of convergence. 2. Shoulders to narrow or walking, use long scarf, scarf draped on both ends hanging in shoulder to shoulder, the 

visual will make shoulders are relatively generous. 3. Has a long neck, men can choose thickening longer scarf, so that around your neck and shoulders, it will make the neck is 

short. 4. People with black skin unfavorable choose light scarf, neutral color slants deep well, and with white skin people should choose a soft scarf.
Nowadays scarf already is no women's exclusive products, it is also indispensable ornament of qiu dong men's clothing. Tassel scarf, floral scarf, or even colorful elegant long 

silk scarves, women have become one of the more important element in the men's fashion. An unprecedented variety of men's scarf has certainly been awarded this season 

fashion "best supporting actor Oscar. Scarf now, already no longer is women's exclusive products, it is also indispensable ornament of qiu dong men's clothing. Tassel scarf, 

floral scarf, or even colorful elegant long silk scarves, women have become one of the more important element in the men's fashion. Men scarf with quite strong in this one 

season, whether it's taking wild costumes or sven line, scarves are. Delicate and luxuriant silk scarves at will, reflect the temperament of a gentleman of man implicit; Thin, 

elegant yarn silk flowers wipes, tied on the wrist, waist edge, beginning to tick the man deep tenderness and figure and elegant; Have qualitative feeling while its rural breath 

full-bodied handmade scarf, twisted, winding, give a person with comfortable and warm feeling. Since the wind is sweeping the world man "bound".
Double sided silk scarf's winning formula is first on the quality of a material. Men scarf in this year there was a very special by the cashmere and silk blended material, one side 

is the warm soft cashmere, one side is light and fine silk, randomly around the collar, can appear in low quality, Hermes will be the most representative of the brand square 

element applied to men scarf, joker low-key net color and dark dark grain without Zhang Yangzhong show personal taste; Selection and the clothing with color scarf is entry 

level match, such as black and white case, the navy stripe scarves is definitely a joker. Burberry Prorsum, practical and fashionable degrees shoulder-length qiu dong series to 

give men more match color and inspiration, waterproof material dust coat and scarf fastens with color, and Louis Vuitton Monogram service will brand rubbings in dark suits, 

details see luxury. If you want to point to a creative, can choose a set of head scarf, this design avoids the shawls, feminine and procrastination.
When half easily bow flying between the man's neck, romantic feelings it constantly moves the heart. Pure color long scarf is undoubtedly the most eye-catching men scarf in 

this season's fashion sheet is tasted, jump to the traditional personality release design, further deducing the neutral style popular fashion. Without the wardrobe clothing, 

choose a Gucci shallow knitting scarf or Salvatore Ferragamo elegant long scarves, figure image of man immediately presented itself.
In men, silk scarf with a shirt is luxury and elegant, pure wool scarf with a European style design and pattern, for example with the plover, herringbone, Scotland lines such as 

scarf, general and individual leisure suit are suitable, such surrounding it have administrative levels feeling. Men rarely match hats scarves ever, but this year's men's silk 

scarves and leisure has been wedded hat. Dicer, cultivate one's morality shirt, the British leg pants, again to a contrast color breaking pattern silk tie in the collar, nobility is 

elegant, modern city from head to toe so charming prince.

Wholesale First Lady Peng Liyuan Scarves

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When Xi Jinping arrives for the Brics summit in South Africa on Tuesday, chances are that all eyes in his home country will be on the woman at his side.

peng style scarves

Peng Liyuan, China’s new first lady, was the talk of Chinese social media at the weekend during a trip to South Africa, ”First Lady” dress with greatly community praise, 16 models dressed in the entire travel process, Peng Liyuan half are with scarves appearance,  ”First Lady”fashion with skill.

We known that Peng Liyuan is a scarf control. Based on jackets, handbags are repeated with only each scarf is the first time we met, and the colors are dazzling and bright. In this 16 dress, 8 sets are scarf, and every time with fashion with the skill does not generally reflect Peng Liyuan.

This black corduroy sleeve dress,  by hit-color retro embroidered long scarf, instantaneous dissemination of elegance.

wholesale scarves pengliyuan

Three black and white red hue looks very coordinated and collision of color so that she is full of fashionable sense.

yellow scarves

Add a light green scarf, black suits became more lively and attractive.