Cheap Scarf

About the Knit Scarf

There are many different style of knitted scarf today. The most common are thin, lightweight scarves that are used for accessorizing an outfit or silk scarves that are used as a head scarf, neck scarf or shawl. The industry of cheap knitted scarves is continually growing as knit scarves become popular for men and women, especially during cold weather seasons. However, scarves can also be worn as an accessory with a dress or business attire if they are light weight enough to not be uncomfortable during long wear indoors or while running errands.
The thin types of knit scarves are typically found for cheap in discount stores. These are designed more for fashion than for actual warmth. While the knit fabric is designed to be warm, it will offer minimal warmth in the grand scheme of things when compared to a thick knit scarf. Thin knit scarves can easily accessorize a pea coat or a simple sweater but should not be relied upon for warmth in a blizzard. These scarves are also shorter in size than regular scarves as part of their “cheap” nature.
Thick knit scarves are typically very long. They can measure anywhere from 60 inches to 82 inches in length. The pattern, thickness and yarn used for these types of scarves will vary depending on the manufacturer. A thick knit scarf is also often handmade by crafters and given as gifts or sold at artisan fairs. You may come to own one this way. Long knit scarves have been around for centuries. They are designed to keep people warm and provide protection from the elements. Today’s models can be made of wool, silk, cotton, angora, linen or cashmere.
When choosing a knit scarf you will want to determine which color is best with your wardrobe. If this is designed to be an outdoor wear scarf then perhaps a neutral color is the best option. This will allow you to wear the scarf with a variety of coats regardless of their color style. Choosing a neutral color is the most common choice of consumers today. However, you could also choose your favorite color or even a patterned knit design if you thought it would be more suited to your personality.
The length of your scarf is dependent on your size. Typically a thick scarf will need to be folded in half so that it will fit better around the neck. At the same time, a light weight scarf that is very wide and very long can be used as a shawl with a dress during an event. There are hundreds of combinations of colors, styles and fabric choices for knit scarves today. Choosing the one that best suits your personality is based on what makes you happiest and what is within your price range. You can find these discount knitted scarves nearly anywhere in the accessory section of a store. There are also numerous online retailers of scarves that can assist consumers in finding the perfect scarf for themselves.