Belly Scarf

How to Make a Belly Dancing Scarf

You only need a few items to make an effective and beautiful belly dancing scarf. You can make the perfect belly dancing scarf to accompany and accentuate your sensual and hip-shaking moves in three simple steps.

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How to Make a Belly-Dancing Scarf in 3 Easy Steps

1. Place the chiffon material on the floor. With a pencil, mark the center point of one edge of the fabric. Draw a faint line from this point straight up 20 inches. From two corners of the fabric, draw a faint line at an angle that meets the end of the 20-inch line. You should have a shallow triangle drawn with the widest edge measuring 1 yard. The final shape will be a triangle, with a 36-inch side and two sides of 15-inches each.

2. Cut along the edges of the two angled lines until you have a triangle.

3. Sew the beaded or coin trim to the edges of all three sides of the triangular fabric.

4. Tie the scarf, wrapping the long side around your waist and knotting two corners at the front of your waist or at the side on your hip.

Make sure to gently hand wash your chiffon belly-dancing pashmina scarf. Don’t use glue-on trims that require ironing. The heat can burn and/or melt the delicate chiffon fabric.