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How to Gift Wrap a Scarf

Scarves are versatile and subtle way to change an entire outfit. Although these classic accessories make great gifts throughout the year, wrapping a pashmina scarf can prove challenging because of their soft material. Your gift presentation should reflect your thoughtfulness as much as the gift inside does. Using a gift box and layered tissue paper gives your gift a crisp and polished appearance without wrinkling the delicate scarf inside.

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How  to Wrap it:

1. Open your gift box and lay the center point of the tissue paper inside the bottom. The tissue paper should flow evenly over both longer edges of the box.

2. Fold your pashmina scarf lengthwise twice until it can easily fit inside the gift box. Place the scarf inside the box over the tissue paper. Pull each side of the tissue paper over the scarf to create a double flap. Place a two-inch piece of tape over the top tissue paper flap. The tissue paper will help protect the scarf from wrinkling. Cover the gift box with the lid.

3. Lay your two feet of wrapping paper on the table and place your covered gift box lid-side down in the center. This ensures that the seam where the wrapping paper meets appears on the bottom of the box. Pull one side of the wrapping paper lengthwise over the box and secure it with a two-inch strip of tape. Repeat the same process with the other side of wrapping pashmina scarves paper. Fold the remaining ends of the wrapping paper into triangles and secure them on top of the box with a two-inch strip of tape.

4. Adhere the pashmina scarves gift tag or card to the top of the box indicating both your name and the name of the recipient.

How to Hang a Sheer Scarf Swag

Swag for scarves refers to a decorative form of window treatment that offers little to no privacy and protection from the sun. Swag is a purely ornamental type of fabric that can instantly transform a room by adding a splash of color and a graceful draping of scarf. Because swag is so easy to use and has such a flexible design, it can consist of any type of fabric on scarves. Heavier fabric, like velvet, will give the swag a more regal effect, whereas lighter, more sheer material will give the swag an airier, more romantic appearance. Hanging a swag pashmina scarf is refreshingly simple and attractive.

Instructions Twist

1. Stand on a step stool directly in front of the window, holding the swag in one hand. Throw one end of the swag over one end of the curtain rod.

2. Wrap the other end of the swag around the remaining length of the curtain rod, twisting it so that the swag creates a spiral shape.

3.  Adjust how loose or tight you want the coils of the spiral to be. Adjust the dangling ends of the swag: They can be the same length for a more classic look or different lengths for a more contemporary look.

Smile Shape

4. Climb on your step stool and throw one end of the swag over one end of the curtain rod. Throw the other end of the swag over the opposite end of the curtain rod. This will create a deep “smile” shape hanging from the curtain rod with two vertical pieces of sheer scarf hanging on either side.

5. Pull on the two pieces of hanging swag to make the center “smile” shape less deep. You determine how pronounced or subtle you want the draped center piece to look. Adjust the vertical hanging pieces so that they are either the same length or different lengths.

6. Center the swag or adjust it so that it is deliberately off-center. A centered “smile” shape is more traditional; an off-center one looks best with vertical hanging pieces of swag that are different lengths.

Scarves with swags will make them looks very gorgeous, for ladies you can wear them for almost all the occasions you participated in. Now the fall season is coming soon, choose a designer swag pashmina scarves for your own.


How to Knit a Tube Scarf

All of the knitting projects a novice stitched can begin with, a scarf is the classically new-knitter-training-ground. Even experienced knitters love dashing off a scarf or two now and then—they’re easy, fast, and make appreciated gifts. Knit one of the trendiest scarves out there—the tube scarf. This scarf maximizes simple stockinette stitches’ tendency to roll in on themselves.How to Knit a Tube Scarf thumbnail

1. Note that gauge is not critical for this project, as it is in other patterns. Using the yarn and knitting needles, cast on 30 stitches.

2. Knit across the first row. Keep the tension even on the first and last stitch on the needle. On the second row, purl across entire row.

3. Repeat these 2 rows to knit the scarf entirely in stockinette stitch. Continue until there is approximately 20 inches of yarn left.

4. Tug lightly on the scarf. The ends should already be curling inward, forming a tube. Tugging will cause the edges to roll inward more.

5. Bind off loosely to end the scarf.

6. Use the darning needle to weave in ends and trim. If desired, block lightly.

There are many material tube scarves could be knitted , the pashmina scarves is a great kind scarf.  Tube pashmina scarf is very popular accessory in winter, it would be great if you could knit a tube pashmina tube scarves by your own.




Wrap Scarf like Grace Kelly

If you have purchased a vintage scarf from a discount scarf online store, but aren’t sure how to wear it. Go for the classic 1950′s look by wrapping a scarf over your head like Grace Kelly did during this time period. This Oscar-award winning American actress turned princess was known for her style and presented herself as a fashion icon. To get that Grace Kelly look without breaking your budget, all you need is a square scarf to pull off the look.

... scarves: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jackie Kennedy and Michelle

The following steps to teach you how to tie the head scarf like Grace Kelly.

1. Fold a square scarf in half so it forms a large triangle.
2. Place the folded part of the scarf onto your head, framing your face.
3. Pull the loose ends of the scarf down, around your chin.
4. Cross the loose ends around the front of your neck and pull them to the back of your neck.
5. Tie the loose ends into a knot at the back of your neck.

Knowing this could make you be able to tie the square scarves in appropriate way, more important you should know where to buy the fashion head square scarves, apparently is best place to buy the fashion design square scarves for women.

How to Tie a Desert Scarf

Desert scarves, also known as shemagh scarves, have made their way into the fashion scene. Though theses lightweight scarves are commonly used in arid regions to prevent dust from entering the wearer’s mouth, they have manifested as a hipster trend, appearing in a multitude of colors and prints (hounds-tooth is the most common). Due to the scarves open weave, people can wear them any time of the year, making them a fashionable go-to item.

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1. Unfold your desert scarf and lay it out flat. If the fabric is wrinkly, do not feel compelled to iron it. Though it isn’t necessary to have wrinkles in your scarf, a few add character and texture to the final look.

2. Fold one corner of the scarf to its opposite corner to make a triangle. If the scarf’s pattern is single-sided, fold the wrong sides together to leave the bolder of the two sides facing outward.

3. Lift the scarf to your neck so that the middle point of the triangle points downwards. Cross the two side points at the nape of your neck and draw them towards the front under the existing material.

4. Double knot the two ends under the scarf’s fabric at the front of your neck to ensure that your scarf stays put. Keep the middle of the scarf at your front or shift it to one shoulder for a rakish look.

Desert Scarves is very popular in desert countries, many designs and patterns can be found in the market. Fashion pashmina scarves from desert countries is very hot sale online.

How to Crochet a Fuzzy Fun Fur Scarf

Fun Fur is a style of yarn developed by Lion Brand. A number of companies now make an identical yarn, often called eyelash or boa yarn, and knitters and crocheters often use the term “fun fur” to refer to all yarns of this style. Soft, synthetic Fun Fur pashmina scarves are intended for those with wool sensitivity. Working with Fun Fur can be a challenge because of the difficulty seeing the stitches through the strands of “fur,” so this is a project for intermediate crocheters.

Instruction of Crocheting the Scarf
1. Tie a slip knot to begin your scarf, leaving a 3-inch tail. Insert your hook into the slip knot as you do at the beginning of all crochet projects.

2. Chain nine stitches for a thin scarf, 11 stitches for a medium-width scarf and 16 stitches for a wide scarf. The last stitch in the row will be your turning chain.

3. Insert the tip of your crochet hook through the second chain from the hook in whatever way you prefer. Work one single crochet.

4. Work one single crochet in each stitch in the base chain until you come to the end.

5. Chain one and turn your work.

6. Crochet each successive row the same way you crocheted the first. Make one single crochet in each single crochet of the previous row, chain one at the end and turn your work. Continue until the scarf is as long as you want it to be.

7. Cut the yarn when you have worked the last stitch of the last row, leaving a 3-inch tail.

8. Pull the tail through the last stitch using your crochet hook. Tug the tail to tighten the knot you just made. This is the same manner of binding off you use in all crochet projects.

9. Weave the tails along the nearest edge of the scarf using your crochet hook or your fingers. Pull through to the front, then to the back and then to the front, going down one row each time until all of the tail is hidden.

Here are some tips for you when you are crocheting the scarf. Gauge is not crucial for Fun Fur scarves. The numbers for base chains are just a suggestion. Chaining more or fewer stitches will not affect the pattern, just the width. When working into the base chain, you may choose to insert the hook under both legs of the “V” that is the top of the stitch, through both the top leg of the “V” and the back bump, or under the back bump only. The fur will hide the edge, so it’s not important what it looks like. Since pashmina scarves are the very popular for women, you can also make the pashmina scarves like the fun fur scarves.

How to Wrap an Arab Head Scarf

Arab head scarves, or hijab, are a small departure from the traditional Arab turban, but they have been used for centuries. They are very popular with the military when stationed in Arab countries or in desert climates, because they are handy for keeping the sun, wind and sand out of the face and neck area. Arab head scarves are not difficult to wrap, although it can take practice to get them right. Traditional patterned scarves can be used, although you can use just about any piece of cloth roughly 55 inches square.

Instructions Tying an Arab Scarf

1. Fold the square piece of cloth into a triangle.

2. Put the folded edge against your forehead and put the rest of the scarf over your head. Two-thirds of the material should be to the right, so it is not evenly placed on your head. Let the ends of the fabric fall forward over your shoulders.

3. Pull the shorter left end under your chin and up towards your right ear with your right hand.

4. Pick up the other end of the scarf and bring it over your face so that it comes just under the eyes.

5.  Keep wrapping it around your head until you can reach the end that you are holding with your right hand.

6.  Tie both ends together in the back of your head. It may be closer to the right ear, but that is okay.

7. Pull the fabric that is over your nose down under your chin. You can always pull it back up later if you need to.

Don’t worry if you don’t get it comfortable the first time. Simply untie it and try again. It can take practice to accomplish the correct tightness. The Arab scarf can be a very charming accessory since they are many patterns, prints and designs for your choices, besides more better materials are used to make the pashmina Arab scarves or cashmere Arab scarves.

How to Wear a Short Scarf Around the Neck

Even if you are dressed head-to-toe in gray, you can create an interesting outfit with the simple addition of a scarf. A colorful piece of fabric wrapped around your neck can instantly brighten up your face. Any length of scarf can work. If you have shorter-length scarf, it is quick and easy to learn a few tying tips to make it look neat and fashionable.

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Instruction Neat Knot

1. Fold the scarf in half lengthwise. If the scarf is narrow, you can leave it unfolded if you prefer.

2. Place it around your neck. Pull one end down so that it is 2 inches longer than the other.

3. Cross the longer end over the shorter end to form a loop, and pull the longer end through the loop to face forward.

4. Straighten the front of the scarf so that it lies neatly over top the longer part of the scarf underneath.

French Twist

1. Fold a square scarf along the bias to form a triangle. Grab one end in one hand and the other end in the other hand and twist the scarf.

2. Place the scarf around your neck with the ends dangling in front.

3. Pull one end underneath the other and loop it through to form a knot. Twist the fabric and knot it again if the scarf is long enough. Gently adjust the scarf so that the knot lies off-center on either the right or left side of your neck.

A short scarf is very easy to wear it, not like a long scarf you usually wear it in cold days. You can wear the long scarf in summer or spring. There are also many different styles short pashmina scarves can be wear like the way you wear short scarves, new styles and fashionable designs and great material of our scarves would makes your business flourish.


How to Tie a Scarf

A beautiful silk scarf can add glamour and chic sophistication to a simple shift dress, a classic crew neck sweater or your favorite blouse. A chunky wool or pashmina scarf can add a touch of warmth on a cold day and also dress up your look. Whichever scarf you choose, remember that there are many ways to tie a scarf. Play around and find the look that best suits your style.


1. Fold a square scarf diagonally into a triangle. Then grasp the broad and middle point, folding repeatedly until the scarf forms a 2-inch band. Drape around your neck and tie a knot. Wear the knot in front to flatter an open-collar blouse, and to the side to add sass to a boatneck top.

2. Create the look of an ascot by spreading a square scarf upside down over a flat surface. Pull the fabric up from the center of the scarf, tie a small knot, then flip the ends so that the knot is underneath. Tie the opposite ends around the back of your neck, and let the scarf spill over from the base of your throat.

3. Make a shawl out of a very large square by first folding it into a triangle. Drape the scarf over one shoulder so that the point extends toward your elbow and the ends hang on either side of your torso. Tie the ends at the opposite hip, or belt the scarf at your waist.

4. Go for a quick and easy look. Turn a square scarf into a triangle, then wrap the scarf around the back of your neck so that the tip points down. Tie the ends into a knot and adjust to complement your neckline.

Decorate a solid scarf with a pin or brooch. Match any metals or gems to those on your jewelry or belt. Hand wash or dry-clean your scarves regularly depending on frequency of wear. The oils in your skin and other dirt can render vibrant colors flat and lifeless. Iron your pashmina scarf on a low setting when you notice that the ends are starting to curl. Be careful when using pins, brooches or a belt, as pulling or tugging on fragile material may leave permanent holes or tears. Last buy your favorite pashmina scarves online and get the latest popular styles.


Infinity Scarf for Women

If you are looking for an accessory online to balance your current personality, investing in silk like square scarf is advisable. Female shoppers can come across a number on reputable online store that offer products of the highest quality. Irrespective of whether you are a shopper from America or any other country, logging on to these websites can give you access to a plethora of choices. Take time to learn about options like solid color infinity scarf and accordingly, select the preferred one. You can surely find affordable deals in them.

The number of varieties available in scarves will certainly amaze you. Industry experts of the fashion world see infinity scarf as a top choice, since it is budget conscious as well. One of their features is that they conclude with a single continuous loop. You will find rarely any complexity in them and the scarf does not slide off your neck either. Among the different options in them, you can find printed infinity scarf and plain substitutes. Internet can be one of the best sources to learn wrapping them, if you are unaware about the procedure. The stores offer a plethora of choices to pick.

With America and other countries around the world experiencing frequent frigid climate, finding the ideal garments is imperative. Investing in a square scarf assures a good amount of protection, as you can feel protected against the harsh cold weather. In addition, they individuals can wear them as a fashion accessory, even if they reside in a country with moderate climate. The online stores provide all details that you need about the scarves, including their shipping rates and original costs. The products that you find on their website are presently in stock. Nevertheless, you will find the costs on silk like square scarf affordable that bring good returns.

Styling is just one of the many roles that women scarves perform. In addition to wearing them to attend casual events, you can use them for protection against callous climates. You can tuck them inside your coat by passing it through the loop, once you drape them properly around your neck. The professionals assure that the silk like square scarf perfectly meets the necessity of all users, irrespective of whether they need to set a style statement or need protection from the weather. In order to find the perfect deal, it is important for you to visit different website.

When you invest in a variety like chevron sheer infinity scarf, you receive invaluable returns. With their use, you can make the most of your wardrobe. Among them, you can come across numerous fabrics, lengths, and patterns. Whether you plan to attend a casual event or going for a casual stroll, you can look smart dressed in them. If you have any queries regarding the 35″ silk like square scarf, get in touch with the support team. Make sure that you get all your queries answered to avoid any potential confusion. You will not regret the experience that follows.